180 Degree Inspection Camera Articulating Industrial Endoscope 6mm or 8.5mm HD Camera With 6 LED

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180 Degree Inspection Camera Articulating Industrial Endoscope 6mm or 8.5mm HD Camera With 6 LED

Articulating Endoscope Feature

1.Endoscope:The borescope can inspect the range of 80° in front and its side with the ergonomics design, allowing you to observe the pipeline inner situation more conveniently.

2. Focal Distance: 3cm – 10cm, fixed focus Can be used on Android  IOS micro USB port by using an usb cable (usb cable is included in the package).

3. Endoscope with 4.3-inch screen :The 4.3-inch full-screen IPS screen with 1080p resolution can present real, bright and vivid images, and perfectly display the content captured by the miniature camera.

4. Ultra-thin probe with a diameter of 8mm : IP67 waterproof design allows the camera to operate 3.5 ft (1 meter) underwater.Can be rotated 180 degrees for non-destructive inspection of hard-to-reach places, such as drains, sewers, exhaust vents, ducts, stoves, motors.

5.Built-in 6 adjustable LED lights :The lens is equipped with 2 million high-definition pixels,The close-up macro lens displays real-time high-resolution images, plus 6 adjustable LED lights, which can adapt to various operating environments,to see in the darkest spaces.

6.Large capacity lithium battery :Built-in 1800 mAh battery, using high-capacity, high-performance battery cells to bring you up to 3 hours of use time

Articulating Endoscope Descriptions
The borescope inspection camera is adopted with a semi-rigid material cable, withstands fluctuations and offers a long service life. The endoscope camera can be folded to different shapes and can be used underwater for pipeline inspections and other inspection situations.Endoscope camera able to work in multiple environments.

Screen type: 4.3 inch

Camera diameter: 6mm/8.5mm (Can be rotated 180 degrees)

Resolution: 2 megapixels

Light source: 6 adjustable high-intensity LEDs

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Use time: About 3-4 hours