Magnaflux - WCP-2 White Contrast Paint

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Stock Shortage Australia Wide on most Magnaflux / Spotcheck consumables - ETA Late 2021. Recommend our Sherwin products as a replacement.

White Contrast Paint

A bright white, opaque NDT contrast paint, WCP-2 provides a high contrast background to improve probability of detection and sensitivity during visible magnetic particle inspections.

This fast drying paint aerosol sprays on evenly, without flaking, before inspection so when non-florescent / coloured magnetic particles are applied, the indications appear clearly against the opaque white background.

WCP-2 can be used with all types of coloured and visible mag particles, including 7HF wet method particles.


Maximize indication detection

  • See indications more easily on WCP-2’s bright white, opaque surface which highlights indications while minimising glare/reflections

Increase inspection speed

  • Speed up inspections by applying a clean coat on the first pass, without bubbles or flakes

  • Dries evenly and quickly to create an optimal surface for faster indication formation

Application versatility

  • Comes in a convenient aerosol to take it with you wherever you go

  • Can be used with wet or dry method magnetic particles on virtually any part

  • Conforms to ISO 9934 specifications


  • Bright white colour
  • High opacity
  • Provides good background contrast
  • Fast drying
  • Convenient, ready to use formula
  • Controlled application
  • Strong surface adhesion
  • Matte coating
  • Very low toxicity

12 x cans per carton

 Click here to download Technical Data  Sheet