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Huatec Electromagnetic AC/DC yoke

The HCDX-Y series is a durable, high-strength AC, AC/DC, DC magnetic yoke designed to detect surface and sub-surface indications in the most rugged applications.

Featuring sealed chemical-resistant construction, articulating legs to contour to any part shape and robust strain-relieved twelve-foot cord for field use, the HCDX-Y is ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing.

Solid-state controls allow the operator to use AC magnetic fields for surface indications or DC magnetic fields for sub-surface indications to meet all inspection needs.

The charging type magnetic particle flaw detector has the characteristics of compact structure, reasonable layout, small size, light weight and convenient portability. The flaw detector can be used directly in alternating current, and can also be used for AC magnetization power supply (AC battery pack) and DC magnetized power supply (DC-AC inverter battery pack), which is efficient and portable. It is suitable for hull weld inspection, high altitude steel structure weld detection and pressure vessel internal operation. This instrument is suitable for steel structure parts of power, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery and other industries, such as boiler, pressure vessel, pressure pipe, ship body weld and welding structure of various types of ferromagnetic material surface and magnetic particle flaw detection of near surface defect.

This instrument conforms to the standard requirements of JB/T7411-2012, ASME BPVC,ASTM E709,ASTM E1444,ASTM E3024."electromagnetic yoke flaw detector technical condition".

Product features

Sealed, durable construction

Chemical and abrasion resistant

AC and DC operation options for surface and sub-surface inspection

Exceeds ASTM lifting specifications


The three modes of power supply available:

(1) 240v AC power supply, which can be directly connected with AC power supply.

(2) DC magnetizing power supply (DC battery pack) can be used to realize the DC magnetization function.

(3) AC magnetized power supply (DC-AC inverter battery pack) to supply AC power without any direct insertion to AC power supply. AC magnetizing power supply (DC-AC inverter battery pack) has the functions of voltage regulation, overcharge, over current and over discharge. Optional upgrade.

When the lifting force is not enough, the power is automatically cut off to ensure the sensitivity of flaw detection.

The power display function can display the current battery power, and has the function of sound and light alarm.

Built in microcomputer chip to stabilize output voltage and ensure detection sensitivity.

Adjustable magnetization

Special working waist bag can carry battery pack, magnetic suspension, contrast agent, yoke probe, etc.

Technical parameter

Working temperature: -10 ~ +40 C

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 50 C

Relative humidity: <80% non condensation

Work temperature rise: <18 C

Temporary load rate: >50%

Sensitivity: A1 standard test piece 15/50 groove clearly displayed.

AC minimum power hoisting power: >4.5kg (44N)

DC minimum power hoisting power: >18.1kg (177N)


Price is for 240v AC unit with DC Battery pack

AC/DC convertor with battery pack option available.

Colour may vary from photos - Availble in Green, Black or Yellow.