Radiation Monitor - FJ-6000 Radiation Monitoring Test Device Personal Dosimeter

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Radiation Monitoring Device Test γ , χ Readiation Personal Dosimeter FJ-6000 With Memory of 1000000 Dose Rate

(RUN-OUT Model - Calibration out of date)

Purpose of use:

Measurement of personal gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate(EDR)

Measurement of personal gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose(ED)

Alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels



Nuclear facilities around environmental radiation detection

The soil surface radiation pollution detection

Agricultural radiation pollution detection

Ore, building materials radioactive detection

Personal dose monitoring alarm

Industrial X, gamma NDT radiation detection

Radiation medical treatment place radiation detection

Cobalt source, electronic accelerator irradiation place radiation detection

Radioactive radiation laboratory detection



1, GM counter

2, High sensitivity, response to background of envionment

3, Test γ,χ readiation.

4, Testing range:dose rate:0.01usv/h—5msv/h

cumulate dose:big LCD 000.01—999.99msv

5, Dose rate response:<±30%(50KeV—1.3MeV).

6, Error:<±10%(137Cs 662 KeVγ 1msv/h).

7, Alarm response time:≤3 second

8, Alarm function Dose rate alarm for each setting of 0.5,1.0,2.5,10,30,50usv/h.
9, Memory of 1000000 dose rate, memory keeps forever
10, Low voltage indicator

11, Working temperature: -30 ℃~60 ℃

12  Working humidity: 95%±3% (40℃


Package includes instructions & box