Radiation Monitor - SM5

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Radiation Monitor - SM5

(RUN-OUT Model - Calibration out of date)

SM-5 Small Radiation Dose Alarm

Radiation Detector: LND 714 GM Tube for X-Ray and Gamma Ray

Radiation Alarm: Flashed LED on Top and chirpper audio sound

Speaker: Solid State, Auto-tong speaker

Dual Range switch setting:

- Low     45 chirps per min. in 1 mR/h

- High    45 chirps per min. in 30 mR/h

Chirpper noise: 100 dB at 5" distance

Power control: on/off switch

Battery: 1.5 V AAA Type

Running time;  approx. 10 days at low range setting

4 days at low range continous chirps

Size: 71.5x55x30 mm ( LxWxT )

Weight: 55 grams with battery

Package includes instructions & box