Y2- Magnet AC Yoke (with DC Battery)

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Y-1 MT Yoke AC Type: Heavy duty and light in weight

With DC Magnetization via MT-500 DC Battery Power Pack

Technical Parameters:

1. Power source: AC 220V  ±10% 50HZ  5A  

2. Output: AC 36V 10A

3. Working temperature:  -10~+40℃

4. Storage temperature: -20~50℃

5. Relative humidity: No condensing<80%

6. Operation temperature rise: <18℃

7. Duty cycle: >50%

8. Fault detection speed:  ≥6 m/ m

9. Sensitivity:type A1 standard specimen 15/50 grooves are clearly displayed

10. Minimum AC boost: >4.5kg(44N), maximum AC boost: 7kg(68.6N)

11. Minimum DC boost: >18.1kg(177N), maximum DC boost: 23kg (225N)

12. Electrode spacing: 0 - 210mm

13. Weight of the detector: 2.25kg


Standard kit includes: Magnet, AC removable lead (180cm), DC Battery pack with lead, charger & carry case.

Colour may vary