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KDE Handy Magna AC Magnetic Yoke - MP-A2

KDE Handy Magna AC Magnetic Yoke - MP-A2

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KDE Handy Magna AC Magnetic Yoke - MP-A2
A light weight 240V AC magnetic yoke for Magnetic particle Inspection, using both wet and dry methods. It is used to detect surface defects and cracks in ferromagnetic components and structures with it's AC magnetic field. Simple to use it comes as standard with flexible legs and a mounted induction powered LED light useful for inspections in areas of low light.

Available in the following configurations:

  • MP-A2L - Add the white light attachment to your order.
  • MP-A2BL - Add the UV light attachment to your order.

AC Model Features

• Accessible grip, angled body for better position
• Powerful AC Magnetic Field
• Exceed ASTM E709 & ASTM E1444 lifting specifications
• Durable rugged construction
• Lightweight 
• Adjustable leg spacing
• Detachable power cord

Technical Specification:

• Electrical Requirement - 230 Volt - 50 Hz: 2.6 Amp (110V upon request)

• Waveform - AC (Single Phase)

• Lifting Force - 5.4 Kg / 12 lbs

• Duty Cycle - 50 % (Max 5 sec on/ 5 sec off)

• Yoke Weight - 2.2 Kg

• Leg Span - 80-175 mm

• Pole Contact - 20 x 20 mm

• Power Cord Length - 4.0 Meter

Kit Contains:

• AC Yoke
• Heavy Duty Power Cord
• Certificate of Conformance
• Hard Carry Case (if required)

Options: White LED light attachment, UV light attachment, Replacement lead

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