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LED UV Head Light - Labino UVG5 2.0

LED UV Head Light - Labino UVG5 2.0

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 LED UV Head Light - Labino UVG5 2.0 (New 2021 Model)

UVG5 2.0 UV LED headlight is a durable, compact and adjustable light that frees your hands during inspections, especially useful during yoke inspections or mag bench inspections. It is equipped with a white light block filter. UVG5 2.0 is the most durable UV LED headlight in the world. The beam profile is the largest and smoothest than any other UV LED headlight on the market today. Depending on the model, the beam diameter is 3-5 inches / 8-12 cm and with intensities that vary from ≈ 4 000 to 80 000 μW/cm2! All five models have a RISK CLASS 3 classification as per IEC 62471.

Battery run time is 8 hours on the Floodlight and Spotlight 365nm UV models and 14 hours on the Midlight 365nm UV models. It comes with an acoustic battery indicator that signals the battery time left. All models can be re-charged fully, within 3 hours, without removing batteries.

 PN: L128 UVG5 2021 

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