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Magnet Permanent PM-50

Magnet Permanent PM-50

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PM-50 PERMANENT MAGNETIC YOKE (Equivelent to Parker PM-50)

PM-50 permanent magnetic yoke is a rugged design for Magnetic Particle inspection to meet Nondestructive testing standards.

It’s a flexible steel cable that allow maximum leg span of 12” width. The permanent Magnets are sealed in the PVC housing. It produces a strong magnetic field exceeding of 50 lbs steel weight lift strength.


  • Portable magnet for field inspection
  • 6.25” handles permit worker easy to remove
  • No electrical power supply needed
  • 50 ponds weight lift strength
  • Exceeds ASTM lifting standard ( 18.1kg, 40 ponds )


Defect location: Subsurface and surface

Ideal for:

• Field Testing

• Spot Inspections

• Remote Sites

• Difficult to reach areas

Defect Examples:

• Inclusions

• Seams

• Tears

• Laps

• Welding slags

• Grinding cracks

• Quenching cracks

Standards Compliance

• ASME Section V, Article 7

• ASTM E709

• ASTM E1444

• ASTM E3024

Comes with ABS Case

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