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PIE Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator

PIE Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator

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PIE Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator (octagonal test block)

The magnetic field indicator (also known as octagonal test block) is composed of eight low-carbon steels and copper sheets welded together by electric furnace brazing. It has a non-magnetic handle. Its purpose is basically the same as that of the standard test piece, but it is more durable and easy to operate than the test piece. For the workpiece with small radius of curvature and unable to paste type a test piece, the use of magnetic field indicator is still effective. It is designed and manufactured according to Chinese jb4730-94 standard and American ASTM E709 and ASTM A275 standards. It can check whether the comprehensive use performance and operation method of flaw detection equipment and magnetic particle suspension are appropriate, and can fully reflect the magnetic field intensity and direction of magnetization area. It has the advantages of intuitive magnetic display, convenient use, good contact, strong and durable, good defect repeatability and so on.

Specification of magnetic field indicator (octagonal test block):

1# applicable to pressure vessels and general mechanical products;

2# applicable to forged steel parts and general mechanical products;

3# applicable to the inspection of comprehensive performance and operation methods of flaw detection equipment, magnetic particle and magnetic suspension.

Usage of magnetic field indicator (octagonal test block): when in use, the copper surface of the indicator is facing up, and the eight low carbon steel surfaces are facing down, close to the tested workpiece, apply magnetic suspension to the copper surface of the indicator by continuous method, and observe the display of magnetic marks. To detect minor defects, indicators with thicker copper sheets shall be selected; To detect large defects, indicators with thinner copper sheets shall be selected.

Precautions for magnetic field indicator (octagonal test block):

1. Before using the test block, gently wipe off the oil stains on the surface of the test block with soft paper or gauze. When using, the copper sheet is facing up and the eight carbon steels are facing down.

2. Apply antirust oil to the test block after use.

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