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Radiation Monitor - FJ6600 Radiation Monitoring Test Device Personal Dosimeter

Radiation Monitor - FJ6600 Radiation Monitoring Test Device Personal Dosimeter

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Radiation Monitoring Device Test - Industrial X, Gamma NDT Measures Radiation Detector Geiger- Muller Counter FJ6600

Purpose for use

-Measurement of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate;

-Measurement of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent;

-Measurement of surface soft and hard beta-particles flux density;

-Measurement of ambient dose equivalent accumulation time;

-Real time measurement (clock).


 -Nuclear facilities around environmental radiation detection

- The soil surface radiation pollution detection

- Agricultural radiation pollution detection

- Ore, building materials radioactive detection

- Personal dose monitoring alarm

- Industrial X, gamma NDT radiation detection

- Radiation medical treatment place radiation detection

- Cobalt source, electronic accelerator irradiation place radiation detection

- Radioactive radiation laboratory detection


- Large area digital LCD display backlight;

- Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter;

- Simultaneously dose rate and cumulative dose measurement

- Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges;

- The maximum dose rate values keep function

- Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges;

- Automatic save dose value.

-Programmable dose rate alarm and cumulative dose alarm threshold

- Programmable voice, light and vibration alarm way

- Battery voltage and low battery indication;

- Automatic failure detection function


- Measurement ranges:

  dose equivalent rate (137Cs): 0.01 μSv/h~10mSv/h

  dose equivalent (137Cs): 0.01uSv~9999Sv

- Energy ranges

  X and Gamma radiation: 40Kev~3.0Mev

  Beta radiation : 0.5~3.0MeV

- Energy dependence: ≤±25%(relative to 137Cs)

- Relative errors : ≤±10%(in 20uSv/h)

- Dose rate and dose alarm threshold value: full range can be adjusted

- Protective alarm response time: not more than 3 seconds (in 10 uSv/h)

- Display unit

   Dose rate : uSv/h,mSv/h,Sv/h automatic conversion

   Dose : uSv , mSv ,Sv automatic conversion

- Battery : One AAA battery

- Operating temperature range : -20°c~+50°c

- Weight and Dimensions: 120g ,125×55×26 mm


Package includes instructions, calibration certificate & storage case

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