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Radiation Monitor - XH-901 X-ray personal dosimeter alarm radiation detector

Radiation Monitor - XH-901 X-ray personal dosimeter alarm radiation detector

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XH-901 X-ray personal dosimeter alarm radiation detector
XH-901 X- gamma radiation personal dose equivalent (rate) alarm is the latest improved model of radiation protection for individuals. This instrument is mainly used for radiation protection monitoring of X, gamma rays and hard beta rays. It is suitable for nuclear power stations, accelerators, isotopic applications, industrial X, gamma nondestructive testing, radiation medical treatment, Cobalt source treatment, gamma irradiation, radioactivity laboratory, environmental monitoring of nuclear facilities and other fields.
* fashion design, comfortable grip and edge skid resistance.
* equipped with mountaineering buttons, three foot supports, various ways of wearing and convenient use on the work table.
* simultaneous measurement of cumulative dose and dose rate shows that CMP can also be displayed.
* equipped with a unique LED lamp, it can reflect the intensity of radiation according to the flicker frequency of LED.
* predisposed dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold
* random selection of sound, vibration, light and mute alarm mode.
* automatically switch unit of measurement, store data during alarm, save cumulative dose and cumulative start date.
* low power design, power supply battery voltage status indication, cumulative dose after power failure can be kept for a long time.
* real time clock function. After shutdown, the clock operates normally.
* built in fault detection, dose rate overload alarm and protection function.
Technical Details:
Measurement range:
Dose rate: 0.01 mu Sv/h ~ 150mSv/h
Cumulative dose: 0 mu Sv ~ 999.9mSv
* energy range: 40Kev ~ 3.0Mev
* energy response error: less than 30% (relative to 137Cs)
* relative basic error: less than 10%
* measurement time: the measurement time is automatically selected according to the intensity of the rays, and the response speed is faster.
* alarm threshold: 0.5, 1, 2.5, 10, 30, 50, 100, 500 Sv/h.
* protective alarm response time: 3 seconds
* display mode: graphics dot matrix liquid crystal
* display units: dose rate (Sv/h or mSv/h) and cumulative dose (Sv or mSV) -- international standard unit.
* power supply mode: use a 7 battery, low power consumption, background measurement can be used for 20 days (normal working time).
* shape size: 110*68*21mm
* weight: 70g (no battery)

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