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Borescope Inspection Camera - 1080P 5 " IPS LCD Steering Single or Dual Lens Borescope

Borescope Inspection Camera - 1080P 5 " IPS LCD Steering Single or Dual Lens Borescope

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Borescope Inspection Camera -  1080P 5 " IPS LCD Steering Single or Dual Lens Borescope

180 Degree Steering Single Dual Lens Borescope Camera Specifications:

1.【EASY TO USE】 The borescope inspection camera has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, worked right out of the box, no need to use your smartphone to connect the WIFI and no need to download any driver software.Suitable for mechanical inspection, car or truck repair, plumbing fixes, electrical installs, house DIY, Ceiling, wall upgrades, chimney cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and more.

2.【Waterproof Two-Way 180° Steering Lens】Have you ever struggled to wiggle getting turns / pass obstacles / look back with a non-articulated scope? Now just one RALCAM latest 180° two-way Articulation Borescope camera control wheel can easily done all of them! Gives you ability to reach the positions where you WANT to see inside a complicated system that can’t before. And Ralcam two-way 180° articulating borescope probe can be flexibly rotated in tight spaces for more inspection details.

3.【Professional Sturdy Tungsten Braided Tube】 Small diameter 8mm (0.31") HD probe camera, in the narrow pipeline, can also see the situation of the pipeline, rotating probe using high-density tungsten braided tube, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, 1m (3ft) long 3 layers of stainless steel braided insert tube, longer service life, high-temperature resistance, and other characteristics.

4.【Reliable 5" IPS Monitor】The articulating endoscope inspection camera uses 1080 HD 5" big Display Screen, The video scope inspection camera can takes live video and photos at 1920 x 1080P pixels(1080P). Borescope camera built-in 10 high intensity LED lights with 3 adjustable brightness for different dark situations inspection.Best focal distance: 2-10cm.

5.【High Temperature Protection】The endoscope probe designed with unique temperature protection technology, even in harsh environment can use.When the temperature is above 90°, it automatically shuts down as a protection.The auto borescope is mainly used for car repair, like car engine internal carbon deposit, post-maintenance of gearboxes, frames, compressors, oil pipes, and various castings. This borescope inspection camera can help you quickly find the problem, and make the right judgment.

Diameter: 8mm / 0.31inch

Focal Distance: 2cm-10cm


Probe Lights:8 Adjustable LED Lights

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