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Borescope Inspection Camera - 5-inch IPS Color Screen Two-Way Single Lens Articulating Camera

Borescope Inspection Camera - 5-inch IPS Color Screen Two-Way Single Lens Articulating Camera

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Borescope Inspection Camera - 5-inch IPS Color Screen Two-Way Single Lens Articulating Camera


【5'' Big IPS HD Disply】The articulating endoscope inspection camera uses 1080 HD 5'' big Display Screen, built-in 4/8 RING adjustable brightness and give the forward-facing camera a perfect view of the darkest inspection areas. This industrial scope allows to view images, take standard photos, and record videos. Suitable for mechanical inspection, car or truck repair, plumbing fixes, electrical installs, house DIY, Ceiling, wall upgrades, chimney cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and more.

【Two-Way 180°Steering Lens】Two side easy to free flexible bending 180° which allow to take small probes into a small space, then transmit vivid, clear and all-round video and pictures shown on the monitor screen and mobile phone simultaneously through the cable. It is a recommended snake camera with light. NOTE: Only the camera is waterproof, the body is not waterproof.

【High Temperature Protection】The borescope inspection camera probe designed with unique temperature protection, even in harsh environment to cope with.When the temperature is above 85 degrees, it automatically shuts down and acts as a protection.

【Helpful Tool】 The video scope inspection camera with light built-in NEW high capacity Polymer lithium-ion batteries, supporting up to 4 hours of use time. Very suitable for machinery maintenance, safety monitoring, vehicle maintenance, power plant inspection, chemical pipeline industry, aerospace and boiler gas turbine inspection. If you are a homeowner, electrician, mechanic, especially for those who love technology, this pipe camera is your best partner.


The diameters of the two camera probes are 8.5mm and 6.3mm respectively, which can easily adapt to various extreme environments

Only the lens is IP67 waterproof, the body part is not waterproof, please avoid contact with liquids.

Camera Probe Light Source - The two cameras have 6 and 8 LED lights respectively, and the brightness can be adjusted in three levels.

Sensor - The sensors are 1/9 CMOS and 1/5 CMOS respectively.

Screen size: 5-inch IPS screen

Camera Diameter: 8. 5mm/6.0mm

Turning radius: 3.5cm

Steering angle: 180° in both directions

Depth of Field: 20- 100mm

Field of view: 80°

Photo resolution: 1920*1080

Video resolution: 1280*720

Camera light source: 8 LEDs(8.5MM)/6 LEDs(6.3MM)

Power Source: 3000mAh Lithium Battery

Charging method: 5V*2A Type-C interface

Memory: 8GB Card

Support 8 different languages

 Packing List

1* 5inch screen STEERING ENDOSCOPE

1* USB charge cable

1*User's Manual

1* Carrying box


 By order only, shipped direct from supplier using express courier.

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