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Borescope Inspection Camera - Articulating Steering For iPhone IOS Android PC

Borescope Inspection Camera - Articulating Steering For iPhone IOS Android PC

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Borescope Inspection Camera - Articulating Steering For iPhone IOS Android PC


Steering endoscope
Lens diameter: 8.5MM/6MM/3.9MM (Optional)
Material of bent part: tungsten wire woven mesh
Bending radius: 3.5MM
Turning angle: 180 °
Focal length: 3-8CM
Resolution: 1920 * 1080
Elastic tube length: 950MM
Camera light source: 8 LED/6 LED
Working temperature: -20-85 ℃
Connection method: computer, tablet, Android phones, iPhone (Optional)

Please note that the endoscope lens is different from a regular lens, with a focal length of 3-8cm and a resolution of 1920 * 1080. Therefore, if viewed at a relatively long distance, the image may not be very clear and cannot reach 1080P.

High Definition Video and Image

This ios borescope camera can capture live video (MP4) and pictures (JPG) at 1920x1080p pixels. 6/8 RING LED lights are adjustable for brightness and give the forward-facing camera a perfect view of the darkest inspection areas. Suitable for mechanical inspection, car or truck repair, plumbing fixes, electrical installs, house DIY, Ceiling, wall upgrades, chimney cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and more.

Two-Way 180°Steering Lens

Two side easy to free flexible bending 180° which allow to take small probes into a small space, then transmit vivid, clear and all-round video and pictures shown on the monitor screen and mobile phone simultaneously through the cable. It is a recommended snake camera with light.

Waterproof Inspection Camera

he endoscope has excellent waterproof performance and can be used in pools, pipes and rainwater, even in bad weather and humid environment, the endoscope can easily do the job. NOTE: The host is not waterproof, the probe is IP67 waterproof!

Please note that if you put it in water, please dry the water after use or use a hair dryer to dry the curved part, otherwise the water staying inside the tungsten wire braided mesh for a long time may cause rusting.

Easy To Use

Simply download the App for App Store(iPhone) or Google Play Store(Android), or your computer, and connect the scope camera to your phone via USB cable. Next turn on the steerable inspection camera and you can begin capturing HD quality images and video right away.

Adjustable LED Lighting

The endoscope camera has 6/ 8 high-brightness LED lights, which can effectively illuminate dark areas and make your work more convenient.
3.9mm - 6 LED
6.0mm - 6 LED
8.5mm - 8 LED

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