GE K-Pen 7.5Mhz Straight Probe

  • $975.00

GE K-Pen 7.5Mhz Straight Probe

GE K-PEN Style Delay Line Contact Transducers consist of high-resolution pencil type probes. K-PENS design allows users to work in tiny contact areas, such as tightly curved surfaces of turbine blades or remaining wall thickness measurements from a pit bottom. K-PENS are also compatible with most flaw detectors, precision thickness gauges, and general pulse/receiver units. Probes come with interchangeable delay tips that are tapered to a 0.65 inch and 0.90 inch contact diameter. 

This transducer has a Micodot connector. Please note that cable is not included. 


  • Thickness measurement
  • Near surface flaw detection
  • Inspection of thin sections
  • Curved parts, tubing, pipe
  • Composites and plastics
  • Turbine blades

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