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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - Mini UT Smart

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - Mini UT Smart

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Mini UT Smart

Functions & Features

●Ultra mini size & weight: design for Field work, Aerial work
●Probe automatic calibration
●Automatically form DAC, AVG (DGS) curves by using standard test block
●Display the echo parameters (depth D, level P, the distance S, the amplitude H)
●Peak memory: Search the highest wave of defects; Record the max. value of defects ●Defect location: display of the defect's horizontal, depth (vertical), and sound path position
●Defect qualitation : Echo envelope, convenient for manual judge
●Weld diagram: directly display the defect location, the bevel form and sound velocity direction
●Built-in Standards: Freely set flaw detection standards of various industries
●Working mode: straight probe, Angle probe, dual crystal probe, penetrating flaw detection
●Storage: 300 pieces of A-scan images and data
●PC software is available for data analysis, management and reports printing

Technical Parameters
Mini UT Smart 530
Operating Frequency
Scan Range(mm)
0-1000mm ( Longitudinal wave in Steel )
Velocity Range(m/s)
Vertical linearity error
Horizontal linearity error
Dynamic Range
Testing sensitivity
≥50dB (Depth 200mm, Φ2 flat bottom hole)
Measuring channel
PC Connection
Gain Range(dB)
0~110 (adjustable: 0.1dB,2dB,6dB,12dB)
Standard Probes
Straight probe: 2.5MHz, diameter 20mm, cable Lemo (C5-Q9) Angle probe: 4MHz, 60 degree, 8*9 mm, cable Lemo (C5 -Q9)
Working mode
Straight probe, Angle probe, Dual crystal probe, Penetrating flaw detection
0.68kg (include Li-ion battery)
Optional Accessories
Optional probes, Cables, Calibration blocks, Coupling agent
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