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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - Trusonic Plus

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - Trusonic Plus

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Instrument Info:

The Tru-sonic Plus is a light-weight instrument with excellent performance which accumulates the experiences of 50 years for making ultrasonic instruments. This instrument is EN 12668:2000 compliance and has an industrial-leveled TFT display with full WVGA(800×480) resolution providing superior visibility in all lighting conditions, including direct sunshine.



·   Advanced circuitry, 640MHz sampling frequency and 800×480 full WVGA resolution assure quick and accurate display and analysis on defect signals even when the signals are weak.

·   Using the advanced tunable square wave excitation technology, the Tru-sonic Plus provides excellent penetration and high signal-to-noise ratio when detecting special composite materials, highly-attenuated or thick work-pieces.

·   4.3 inches display, set-in battery and charger, but only 0.9kg in weight which make it easy to operate and carry along.

·   The design meets the standard of IP54 certification and compatible with EN 12668:2000 standard.

·   With full WVGA TFT display at industrial level, this instrument offers fine images at different angles.

·   Optimized panel, user-friendly design for the menu, easy and fast to operate no matter you use the left hand or right hand. Various input modes, English/Chinese menu optional.

·   Auto-calibration function including fast calibrating material velocity, probe delay and probe angle.

·   Zoom function for in-gate waveform enables users to observe the waveform detail conveniently. Zoom function for waveform display area and optimized height-to-width rate of the screen ensure echo with higher resolution.

·   DAC: Easy to make, correct, store and recall DAC.

·   Built-in intelligent lithium battery charger. Power supplied by battery or AC mains and it can automatically display the power supply modes. Auto switch between “charge” and “work”.

·   Long battery life of over 8 hours ensures your continuous work.

·   USB port for software updating, data transferring and printing and access to devises such as mouse, keyboard and U-disk.

Main Specifications: 

Transmitter Pulse

-Ve Square Wave Pulse;
Transmitter Pulse Voltage:25 ~ 250V, continuously adjustable with 25V increments
Pulse Width:Continuously adjustable from 50 to 800ns
Under 400Ω/200V, pulse rise time<10ns, pulse fall time<10ns

Test Modes

Pulse echo and dual transmission


400, 80 Ohm


Broadband / narrowband optional. Broadband: 0.5 ~ 20MHz. Narrowband: 1.5 ~ 3MHz


0.0~ 110.0dB. Steps as 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0 dB

Material Velocity

1000 ~ 15000m/s continuously adjustable. Set-in 30 common material velocities selectable

Test Range

0.0~ 10000mm longitudinal wave at steel velocity. Range continuously variable with minimum 0.1mm increments


Positive halfwave, negative halfwave, full wave


Real-time alarm signal, positive and negative thresholds, minimum depth, DAC alarm optional


4.3" industrial-leveled TFT color LCD with 800×480 WVGA resolution

Pulse Shift

-7.5 ~ 3000μs

Probe Zero

0 ~ 999.9μs

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)

25 ~ 800Hz, auto adjustment mode

Vertical Linearity Accuracy


Horizontal Linearity Accuracy


Surplus Sensitivity

≥60dB (200Ф2 flat bottom hole)



Dynamic Range


Reject (suppression)

0 ~ 90%

Electric Noise Level

< 10%


Q9 transducer connectors;

Power Supply

Large-capacity lithium battery without memory effect; Battery Life: More than 8 hours;
Built-in charger, AC Mains 220V

Dust/Splash /Water-proof

meets IP54 standard


EN12668-1 compliance
Conform to JB/T 10061-1999 standard

Environmental Temperature

-30 ~ 50℃

Relative Humidity

20% ~ 95%RH


0.9Kg (with battery and built-in charger)

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