Welding Gauge - Seam Bead Gauge - HJC30

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HJC30 - Small Seam Welding Gauge

The product mainly consists of a main ruler, a slide gauge and an oblique gauge. It is a special measuring instrument used to measure the groove angle of the weldment and the width, height and gap of the weld. The ruler is applicable to products and parts with higher requirements on welding quality such as boilers, pressure vessels, and so on. Made of stainless steel, the product is reasonable in structure, good in appearance, convenient in use and wide in applicability, and is a necessary measuring tool for a welder.
The welding inspection ruler is listed in the enterprise standard issued by Electrotechncial Bureau of Machinery Industry Commission: the JB/DQ9004-87 Industrial Boiler Quality Rating Standard.


* Made from high quality stainless steel

* Protective pouch or box included